Tower Crane Assembling

Tower Crane Assembling


Tower Crane Assembling.

The tower crane you buy or rent must be easy to assemble.

All components must be modular. The heaviest part that should not exceed 8 tonnes, Turkey will be able to mounting outside or anywhere abroad Mobile Cranes (Auto-Crane) easy to get there. We can evaluate this issue with 2 items in terms of working days and money loss.

1-) For example, a single tower crane with a tonnage of 8 tonnes and more can be mounted with a mobile crane with a capacity of 260-300 tonnes. It is possible to assemble with a mobile crane with a capacity of 200 tons. Even if the area where the tower crane is to be installed, Mobile Crane Tower Vince 5-6 mt. It is even possible to mount with 130, 160 tons Mobile Crane if it can get closer and does not create radii.

In addition, it is not easy to find Mobile Cranes with 260-300 tons capacity in the countryside. For example, you may have to bring a mobile crane from Ankara or Karabük to a tower crane to be assembled in Zonguldak. This will make you tired from the economic perspective.

2-) As it is known, during the installation of Tower Cranes, the required Mobile Crane price belongs to the Leasing / Purchasing Company. The easy installation of the tower crane will reduce these costs very much. And this Tower Crane will provide a big economy to the leasing or buying company. Namely; There are assemblies lasting 3 days or more. Some organization errors and the fact that the crane is not easy to install can increase these costs by 3 times. Therefore, in addition to working with a professional team, the Tower Crane you will use is easy to install and dismantle.

TKE Tower Cranes Max. modular system, easy to install / dismantle because of the work force and economy will provide you.

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