Tower Crane Recommendation

Tower Crane Recommendation


Selection of Tower Cranes in Projects;

You can determine your Tower Crane to use on your site according to the mold system you will use in your project. The 6 ton capacity Tower Crane will be enough for Conversional, Wood, table style molds. There is a perception that is not right in our sector, the answer to the question “How to Get a Tower Crane? Verilen is a cliché response una 50” to 60 Kule stop .., This is not an accurate approach.
However, Tower Cranes should be determined by considering criteria such as height, mold to be used, and site area.

Tower Cranes used in tunnel formwork systems Min. Must be 8 tons. Sometimes, according to the tunnel formwork types, construction sites can demand 10 tons of capacity. But this is an important issue to be considered at this point; As the tonnage increases, the boom tip should increase in capacity. For example, the Tower Cranes that will work in tunnel formwork systems are 55 or 60 mt. Boom at 2000 Kg. Let's ask to remove; 8 ton tower crane 60 mt. while the boom can lift 2 tons at the end (eg our TKE 6020 Model), a 10 ton capacity Tower Crane 60 mt. At the tip of boom 1.400 Kg. You can remove it. It should be the opposite, isn't it? Unfortunately, because of the lack of information on this subject, we can count the power to Tower Cranes over 8 and 10 numerical values. 8 ton capacity and boom tip with a lifting capacity of 2 tonnes of tower crane, 10 ton capacity but boom tip capacity 1,400 Kg. a Lifting Tower will be more efficient than a Crane.

TKE Tower Cranes provides high performance at low cost.

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